Apple’s devices are very hard to break and even FBI is not able to decrypt the blocked iPhone. However, it looks that sometimes it is possible to find the gap in iOS software and write some exploit. It does not happen so often, but every successful try is very popular and everyone talks about this.

It is known that in the world nothing is perfect, and so was in this case. The vulnerability caused a little confusion at nearby police stations in the United States when mobile users were able to call to 911 number dozen times.

How was it possible to force iPhone smartphones to call 911?

The attack was performed via Twitter service and the post contained a link to JavaScript code with the exploit. The main victims in this case were the owners of iPhones whose smartphones were forced to call 911 number and repeat this action 19 times. As you can guess, Twitter has checked everyone who has shared the post with infected link. Also, police officers started to recall to everyone who was calling repeatedly. The author of exploit has been already arrested, it was 18 years old teenager from Maricopa County in Arizona.

This time the attack was not directed to steal private data.

We often hear about prominent hackers, untraceable, who were breaking devices, even mobile and stealing private data. We should not click on unknown links or strange looking. Does not look like, this is one of the biggest threats, because we never know what we will get on the network. In addition, the question arises as control rooms coped with hundreds of empty calls and despite the stress, mastered the situation?