Looks like we are back to retro games. First, Nintendo decided to check the market and prepared a refreshed version of NES console. Now Atari wants to do something similar. The new console is hidden under the name AtariBox, and its styling resembles the 8-bit Atari 2600 console. So far, however, similarities have ended. The new console is equipped with state-of-the-art interfaces, so we will be able to connect our HD TV without any problem.

Nintendo was so pleased with the sale of the Nintendo Classic Mini (which is a bit miniaturized and refreshed NES) that prepared the SNES Classic Edition. The only drawback of these consoles is the limited library of games that can not be expanded in any way. However, these are official ports prepared by Nintendo, which perfectly reflect the old classics. The manufacturer took care to keep the 4:3 aspect ratio of the screen and to emit a CRT image on new televisions. Nintendo has even added graphic artefacts in the form of horizontal strips and other imperfections.

At this moment we do not know too much about AtariBox.

The new console comes with an HDMI connector, 4 USB ports, and an SD card slot. Perhaps AtariBox will support 4 controllers, but it is not certain. It is not known whether SD card support is meant to expand the game library. Atari is already announcing its new console for the second time, but it does not say much. In case of Nintendo, we knew all the details about the refreshed console versions, including the game list. Unfortunately, this is not so good. We do not know how the controller will look like, and we do not know any single title. Atari mentions only about “current content”. This means that perhaps in addition to the classics games, AtariBox will also support the new titles that Atari prepares for mobile devices. However, these are only guesses.

Source: The Verge