Diablo is a game of all time there is no discussion about this. For those who do not know, but I bet that such players are few, the Diablo is a hack and slash game set in a dark fantasy atmosphere. What some of the “assembly” define it as hard satanic, but this did not prevent to gather crowds of fans around the world.

The first version of the hit from Blizzard was released on 31st December 1996. A year later we played already in the addition called Helfire and next parts were published in 2000 (Diablo II) and 2012 (Diablo III). Diablo series fans are waiting for the next part of their favourite game and they should be happy that Blizzard is looking for a director for their new project. It is not known whether it is a new part of Diablo, or the addition to the third part.

At the beginning Blizzard was hiring mainly on low positions.

However, recently on their site with job offers also appeared vacancy for a director. Available are also positions for corporate animator and artist. For the new director is provided a responsible position. According to the announcement, this person will be responsible for running a series of Diablo in the future. We have several theories. Most players bet that it is an addition to the Diablo III, because this game has very good selling results. This is a game much easier than its predecessors, but still incredibly addictive. This version is satisfactory for me. I mean, it is no need to create something completely new, when you can fine-tune something that is already done well. Especially since Blizzard once spoke of two extensions to the third part of Diablo. It is also possible that the appointment of a director is associated with the preparations for the new version. In some circles it is said that Diablo III has evolved greatly since the advent of the market, but according to them, Blizzard does not have completely the idea of the development of the next part. It would be very sad and unfair to those who are waiting for the fulfilment of the promised two additives. It should be also noted that the team which were working on Diablo 3 has been recently little thinned. A month ago Jay Wilson and Josh Mosqueira left the company. Both of them were directors of Diablo III. I will wait for the specifics of this action, since the development of Diablo series extremely interesting to me.


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