Niantic tries very hard to make Pokemon GO players satisfied with the title. From time to time, we are supplied new attractions in the form of interesting and rich in events occasional surprises. Therefore, I believe that now Niantic isn’t fully satisfied by the fact, that the one of the largest markets in the world flies them near the nose.It turns out that the Chinese authorities came to the conclusion, that the Pokemon GO is too dangerous to enable sharing it in country mobile market.

The Chinese government has called on the obligation to ensure national security and care for the inhabitants of the country and their property. It ‘s difficult to not agree with this explanation. In Europe and the United States, there were several incidents with Pokemon GO in the background. It came to it violated people’s property (ex. The intrusion into the property, or assaults and beatings) and even the desecration of places of national remembrance. On the other hand, bit of a shame for Chinese local players. Especially that users in Asia have delighted in everything that concerns manga and anime. Besides, here comes a matter of demographics. It is hard for me to imagine what will happen when the craze to Pokemon GO embrace such a densely populated country like China. On our streets was an interesting spectacle, but image what will be there. In China, it may be already little dangerous. In addition, China is a country that they take citizens’ security very seriously. And of course the government likes to have control of the people.

China is not the only country where restrictions were introduced to Pokemon GO.

Commission Vice-President. Defense of the Federation Council Franc Klincewicz proposed restrictions for the popular game Pokemon GO. The premiere of the game took place in Russia in July 2016. We could also find a prohibition of catching Pokemon in places of worship, the monuments and cemeteries. On the blacklist we can find hospitals too. From the game were excluded also places like Auschwitz-Birkenau. The famous problems with Pokémon were with Holocaust Museum in Washington and place of the September 11 tragedy in New York. These cases show that the Chinese government have their right, to not allow to release the game. This does not mean, however, that the game is dangerous. This shows that people don’t have moderation, when they use it. I always thought that Internet don’t make people stupid. It gives fools place to show off. Pokemon GO is one of the biggest mobile events of year 2016. No wonder that attracted many people. However, not every player think rationally. The game quickly won the hearts of people around the world and encouraged them all to (often common) walking. Unfortunately, not all were able to keep up during play responsible.

Pokemon GO is not the first application blocked by the Chinese government.

Their citizens don’t have freedom in using Google services such as Google Maps. China has also banned Facebook application. They have also denied access to YouTube and whole Google. The decision to not release game is not final yet. Special authorities are investigating the threat from the game and its impact on society. It is known that China is the largest mobile market in the world and Niantic lose a lot without access to that amount of potential players. However, they will be not on the ice. Without the Chinese market Pokemon GO still brings about $2 million profit per day, which still make impress.

Source: Reuters