This story shows how mobile application can have an impact on life of many people. Pokemon Go is definitely the most popular mobile game ever. Do you remember the story when thousands of people invaded Central Park in New York (United States) in order to catch Vaporeon? This may sounds crazy, but people are walking around Poke Stops and popular Pokemon spots.

Unfortunately, people are sometimes reckless and endanger their health. Also, criminals know where Poke Stops and other popular Pokemon Go places are. I have read stories about vandals who were luring Pokemon Go trainers using… Lures in the game. Several people have lost their smartphones in this way. Therefore, local authorities have to plan additional police patrols in order to protect Pokemon Go trainers.


This costs real money, so City Council of Des Moines wants to ban Pokemon Go.

Fortunately, this city is placed in United States and they sometimes have funny ideas. Of course, no one can enact a law that would illegalized Pokemon Go game. However, they can ask Niantic studio to remove all Poke Stops and Gyms in the city. However, City Council of Des Moines has not received any answer from Niantic. I know several cases about areas removed from Pokemon Go game. You can even ask Niantic Studio about this. To be honest, Pokestop located in wrong place (e.g. someone home) may be very annoying and make life difficult. However, I do not know any single case about removing the whole city from Pokemon Go. I bet that residents of Des Moines would be very angry if this happened.

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