Counter Strike is quite old game, but it is still very popular and has a lot of fans. This is first person shooter developed by Minh “Gooseman” Le and Jessa “Cliffe” Cliffe in 1999. Counter Strike is the most popular Half-Life mod. At the beginning you had to buy also Half-Life in order to play in Counter Strike. However, nowadays this is the standalone game.

Counter Strike is about a fight between a group of terrorist and anti terrorist squad on two types of maps. The first type has two bombsites and terrorists have to plant a bomb. In case of the second type of maps, anti terrorists have to rescue hostages. That’s not what was supposed to be. Daily 2 083 402 people play on Counter Strike servers. These data are from 2013, so now this number is probably much higher. Not surprisingly, that the Android port of this game has been created.

In order to play in Counter Strike you will have to install Xash3D app.

This application is used to launch the game on your Android device. However, at first, you have to copy game files from your computer to a SD card (or internal storage of Android device). The game does not have any performance issue on powerful smartphones and tablets. However, I did not find any minimal requirements, so you have to check it by yourself.

You can play with bots or in online multiplayer mode.

Unfortunately the list of available servers is very short. Also, the control is not handy, it is very hard to play in Counter Strike using touchable screen. This is very dynamic FPS game which requires a lot of skill. However, as you can see, Android tablet may be very nice portable gaming console. Therefore, it is the matter of time when we will see on the market Android devices with a keyboard and a mouse.