Why do game developers decide to use advanced anti-piracy DRM security systems? The people responsible for Denuvo openly admit that any protection mechanism can be cracked. However, the applied systems allow for the protection of editorial sales, which is to have a direct impact on the success of a given product. Denuvo system is good, but far from the perfection. Some people accusing the anti-piracy systems for negative impact on performance of games…

Crackers are increasingly better at handling contemporary game security. Therefore, game publishers decide to use advanced systems that are designed to protect a new title before the creation of pirated copies. However, it is a constant fight with windmills. Crackers sooner or later come to the way you can bypass the safeguards you used. One of the solutions that long defends itself against lovers of free gameplay, is the Denuvo system, which is constantly beeing improved. Of course, after some time it will be cracked. However, it looks that crackers have to try harder in order to bypass current security systems. Elmar Fischer, Denuvo’s director of sales, admitted in a recent interview that there is no security that can not be broken. Everything is a matter of time. Should this statement discourage game developers? Not necessarily.

Denuvo systems are designed to protect the initial sale of games

Elmar Fischer believes that the Denuvo security sold by his company brings specific financial benefits to game publishers. It’s about lengthening the time between the release of the game and breaking the security. Players who have been waiting impatiently for the given title, most likely will decide to buy the original, because they will not want to wait for the pirate version of the game. This is when the sale is the largest and directly translates into the success of a given title. Unfortunately, Elmar Fischer did not provide any figures that could support this thesis.

The Denuvo system has a number of mishaps. Resident Evil VII, Tekken 7 and Rime are games whose security has been broken only a week after the premiere. In addition, some of these titles had problems related to the operation of Denuvo. In the Tekken 7 battles, it caused a decrease in the number of frames displayed during the Shakunetsu Hadouken attack. However, the security manufacturer has dealt with these problems. Elmar Fischer admitted that the company helped with the Irdeto corporation. The team consisting of 45 people so far has thus gained collaborators with whom it can consult the technical problems encountered. Perhaps it is thanks to this game Monster Hunter: World is the third week after the premiere of crackers.

Source: Gamesindustry