Dragon Ball is a popular manga whose first volume appeared in Japan in 1984. However, the true fame of both the series and it’s creator, i.e. Akira Toriyama, brought the anime Dragon Ball Z. Since the premiere of the first episode in 1989 has already been a long time and we have seen many Dragon Ball universe games. The latest is Dragon Ball FighterZ, which was shown at this year’s E3.

Dragon Ball games were not quite popular in India. However, all this changed thanks to the adults who followed the adventures of Son Goku and his friends when they were a child. Recently, we have even got the quite successful Dragon Ball Xenoverse series, which came on all platforms, including the PC. I know that PC Master Race fans are proud, but unfortunately they have always been overlooked by the creators of fighting games. That’s why the two parts of Dragon Ball Xenoverse on PC were very pleased by all the fans.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be a classic 2D game with little 3D depth.

Control of the Dragon Ball fighting is quite complex, which forces the creators to simplify the combination of attacks. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, every powerful attack was simply chosen from simple menu. So this game did not require neat and fast fingers. This is very different in the case of classics such as Tekken or Soulcalibur. There are not only reflexes, but the ability to jump out of 10 hit combo without fail. On the other hand, Dragon Ball is more about strategy, matching the style of combat to the selected character and collecting the Ki energy needed to do the final attack. Anyway, you can see the trailer yourself.

So far we know 6 characters: Son Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell and Buu.

If you look at the presentation of characters, it is clear that they are from the breakthrough Cell Tournament and Buu sagas. What’s interesting is that there are not enough items from the latest Dragon Ball Super or Resurrection F. What is the catch? It is usually the case that the creators of the game from the world of Dragon Ball like to multiply characters on tufts. Therefore, we often encounter as a playable characters all the possible variants: Goku SSJ3, Goku SSB, Gohan SSJ2, Ultimate Gohan, etc. In Dragon Ball FighterZ, our heroes will be able to transform. Interestingly, Frieza (appearing immediately in 4th form) transforms into his new golden form, i.e. Golden Frieza. Goku from SSJ can transform directly into SSJ3. It is not known whether new SSB/SSG transformation will be available in the game.

Source: Den of Geek