According to Polygon, an American industry portal, one of the largest giants in the world is slowly preparing for a really big acquisition. This time, Microsoft wants to take the sights of Electronic Arts.

After all, EA is one of the largest games studios producing some of the best-known series. Everyone knows such titles as “Fifa”, “Battlefield”, “The Sims” or “Need for Speed” (although at this point it may be better to skip the Star Wars series). Buying a studio by Microsoft would be a good step towards exclusive games that are recently missing on the latest Xbox console. The team responsible for the console is still struggling with the problem of the lack of strong game titles, although it must be admitted that the acquisition for 2.5 billion dollars. studying Mojang and Minecraft himself, it was not such a bad idea.

Electronic Arts is not the only goal

There are a lot of rumors that Microsoft may be interested in taking over PUBG Corp. It would be a huge success for the giant, especially since he had previously sought temporarily exclusivity for the title of “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds”. However, it is worth mentioning also one. It is known that people close to Microsoft have betrayed to the Polygon site the fact that the giant may be targeting some of the American Valve projects. For most, it may be a shock, but the rumors sound real. In the end, Valve is famous not only for games like Dota, Counter-Strike or Half-Life, but also for their own equipment. Known to all Steam Machines, which are created by external manufacturers, as well as all virtual reality equipment is a good morsel for a company looking for new paths of development. For all information, you have to remember one thing. Microsoft has not yet referred to the information provided by the Polygon portal. It is known, however, that Phil Spencer, the current head of the Xbox, was promoted to the so-called executive vice president for gaming at Microsoft. Thanks to the promotion, the right strategy chosen by the new vice president of the department should help in the promotion of the latest Xbox console and attempt to catch up with the competition.