Recently, I have found several interesting information about upcoming Pokemon Go game updates, changes and new accessories. However, there is no sense to write about every new rumour or information from Pokemon world. Therefore, I have decided to collect specially for you the most interesting Pokemon Go related informations from the last week.

You will able to choice your budy Pokemon.

Yes, you will be like Ash and his Pikachu. The latest update has introduced Appraisal feature which is very useful for choosing the best Pokemon for evolution, gym battle and power up. The Pokemon Go budy feature is not only about cool looking avatar with the favorite Pokemon. You will get additional candies for walking together with your budy. In my opinion this is very useful feature, because it will be easier to evolve Magikarp to Gyarados. Currently, the only way to collect candies it to catch the same type of Pokemon several times. This is very hard in case of rare Nintendo monsters. I wonder what will be the conversion. Hm… maybe it will be 1 candy per kilometer. What do you think?



Pokemon Go app for Apple watch.

This is amazing update. I bet, that Niantic Studio would have a lot more active users, if they introduced this functionality from the very beginning. I hope that the same application will be available also for Android smartwatches. This will be very useful, because it will be possible tog rather items from PokeStops and check the most important information without checking a smartphone. You will also see what kind a wild Pokemon is next to you! I wonder how it will work in the practice and what will be impact of this app on the smartphone’s battery consumption.


Pokemon Go Plus accessory will be released soon.

I bet that you remember this gadget from Pokemon Go trailers. The Pokemon Go Plus successor will be launched on the market on September 16th. However, it is not known how Niantic Studio will sell this. However, it will be probably available only in countries which Pokemon Go is available officially. Pokemon Go Plus will operate in very interesting way. It will be connected to your smartphone using low energy Bluetooth standard version, so you will keep your smartphone in the pocket. It will vibrate when PokeStop or a wild Pokemon will be in your range. The best is the fact that you have to only click the button on Pokemon Go Plus and all items from PokeStop will be collected and also a wild Pokemon will be caught. I wonder how it will behave in case of rare Pokemons with high CP which have very high escape ratio.