Mewtwo is currently the strongest creature in Pokémon GO. In the original story, it is the result of a genetic experiment conducted by Dr. Fuji, a scientist employed by Team Rocket. Mewtwo is the strongest Pokémon in the series as it was created based on the genetic code of another legendary creature, the Mewtwo. So far Niantic has decided to introduce Articuno, Moltres, Zapdosa, Lugia and Mewtwo.

Appearing in the game of the strongest Pokémon could not take place without any ceremony. The first legendary creatures appeared after the Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago. Unfortunately due to technical problems, this was not a successful event. Niantic has decided to postpone several events, but the event in Japan took place according to plan. Pokémon Go Stadium was held in Yokohama, where registered participants had the possibility to catch a new legendary Pokémon as first players in the world. Mobile carriers have obviously taken care of increasing the capacity of their networks, but at the same time the Pokémon GO Park event was held at this year’s Pikachu Outbreak. That’s why the players had little trouble joining the battles, it was much better than in Chicago.

Mewtwo will put a lot of fuss in the fighting system.

Pokémon GO trainers have already had their first clashes with Mewtwo. So, we know a lot about this new legendary monster. Its maximum CP is 3982, which significantly raises the 3670 points that Tyranitar may have (currently the second strongest Pokémon in the game). Previously, Mewtwo was supposed to have a CP about 4800, but this would lead to significant imbalances in the game. Therefore, Niantic decided to weaken the strongest creature so that it would not dominate the game. However, defeating Mewtwo during the raid battle will not be easy, because the boss has 49 430 CP, so you need to have group of 15 trainers to fight. Winning a duel is only the first step to catching the strongest creature. Mewtwo’s base catching chance is 2%, while Golden Razz Berry and its excellent throw increase this to 16%.

Mewtwo will be available only in new exclusive raid battles.

Niantic has already announced that Mewtwo is the first Pokémon to be released worldwide during exclusive raids. They will not be available to everyone. Trainers wishing to participate in them will need to receive a special invitation first. It will be sent to those players who have recently completed a raid in the selected Gym. This means that you should regularly participate in battles with bosses that take place in your area. However, you do not have to catch them later, just win the fight. Later, in addition to Mewtwo there will be other creatures. For now, you can focus on the development of Lapras, Articuno, Snorlax or Gyarados. These Pokémon should be quite good at fighting against Mewtwo.

Source: Niantic