As if not looking, this is one of the best news that the gamer’s world could get. The Monster Hunter serie is known to everyone, and in the last couple of years, especially the players of the Nintendo console. Finally, this brilliant series, which for many years was an exclusive only for for Nintendo consoles, finally will share its work with the platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The Monster Hunter series itself is getting better and better each year, so I’m not surprised by Capcom’s actions. What’s more, thanks to the appearance of the title on the platform with better hardware specifications, the latest title will get a powerful high-resolution graphics injection. However, as shown by the trailer presented by Sony on E3, certainly this game will not let us bored.

New world, new adventure

As if not looking, Monster Hunter World developers have gone through themselves. For the need of a the new title they decided to prepare a whole new continent. The new location will give us many situations to show off. In the end we will be able to find new materials, monsters, and also using the elements of nature – change the position of our character and tactics of attack. This is also a good test for advanced players. New places will also allow us to collect new items for our armaments. Finally, the last new thing that every Monster Hunter’s player know, was the appearance of the new “easy to learn, hard to master” Insect Glaive.

Monster Hunter World open to the gamers world

Finally, one of the most popular action RPG series is in our hands. What’s more, the most important thing for this series and the Monster hunter’s society for many years is the ability to hunt with other players in the online mode of cooperation for one or more beasts. It is also a good time for players of the PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC platform to fight together against one enemy. Looking for information with E3, we know that the title will go on sale next year. However, it is worth remembering that stationary players will wait for it a bit longer than consoles.