We have written a lot about Windows 10. This the newest operating system from Microsoft had not good opinion at the beginning. Especially, users were complaining about lack of privacy and compatibility with old programs. Also, a lot of problems were reported according to the Edge browser. However, it looks that it was typical “childhood” problems and now the situation is much better.

Windows 10 gains popularity and number of computers with this operating system is increasing. The statistics from Valve’s gaming platform look very interesting. Before the premiere of Windows 10 (29 July 2015), Windows 7 64-bit version was the most popular, i.e. 46.88% of Steam users were using this OS. Windows 8.1 64-bit was used by 32.27% of users, so we clearly see that gamers have decided to update their Windows 8 systems (3.07%). The share of Windows Vista is marginal, this is obvious because Vista has an opinion of the worst Windows ever.

How does it look now? We can see that Windows 10 64-bit is used by 30.24% of users, Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 8.1 64-bit have shares 37.40% and 17.32% respectively. What are the conclusions? Almost 50% of Windows 8.1 users have decided to take advantage of free upgrade to Windows 10. In case of Windows 7 users it was about 20%. These results are not surprising, because Windows 7 has an opinion of very good and stable operating system, so gamers with less willingly upgrade this OS. Of course, our calculations are rough and we do not take into account an increase in the number of Steam users.

We also see that gamers prefer 64-bit operating systems than 32-bit version, because they have 64-bit architecture platform and expect better performance.