It might seem that writing about updates of mobile games can be boring. Moreover, someone may be interested in that in any game, there were added new levels and some improvements. But Pokemon Go is no ordinary game, we are dealing with a social phenomenon. That is why observing the changes introduced by the Niantic Labs is contrary to appearances, interesting.

I also want to inform you about every new version of Pokemon Go game, because it has not been released in India, so you have to update this manually by installing app file downloaded from mirror site. Recently, I have informed you about upcoming Pokemon Go changes and guess what. The Pokemon Buddy feature is already available in the latest (0.37.0) update. As always, you can install this from ApkMirror site.


Budy feature is the most important change introduced by Pokemon Go 0.37.0 update.

In short, the idea is to be as Ash and Pikachu, but it turns out that Pikachu will not sit on your shoulder. In this case, the fans of Eevee will be satisfied. A more practical aspect of the new mode involves receiving awards in the form of candy for kilometers walked together with your favorite Pokemon. I hoped that Niantic will give a candy for every kilometer. Unfortunately, it is so cool. The distance for which you will be rewarded, depending on the type of Pokemon. Fortunately, evolution form of Pokemon does not affect this. Thus, the Eevee and all its evolved forms, i.e. Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon, will receive a candy for every 5 km. Fortunately for a walk with Magikarp, you will get a candy for every kilometer. If you need more details, then you can already find in the Internet the full list prepared by Pokemon Go trainers.


New Pokemon Go version does not work on rooted devices.

The so-called root is needed to get administrator rights on Android operating system. Most people do not need such powers and smartphone rooting may do more harm than good. A lot of people who play Pokemon Go on rooted phones do this, because they want to cheat. Namely, cheaters are modifying the locatio determined by GPS module. Of course, not every owner of rooted smartphone is a cheater. A lot of people use root their phones in order to adjust their mobile devices to their needs.

The mechanism that applied Niantic Labs to detect the root of the phone is already well known among Android developers. It is called SafetyNet, and it is also used by Android  Pay application. As you probably guessed, there are already known methods of hiding root before SafetyNet mechanism. However, Niantic Labs once again makes it clear that they will not tolerate cheaters.



Minor text changes – the regular position of Pokemon Go changelog.

Sometimes I wonder whether information about changes in the text are a joke from Niantic Labs, or perhaps they are so meticulous. I was able to notice new information and links related to the Pokemon Go Plus band. This new gadget looks very interesting, because it will allow you to collect items from PokeStops and to catch wild Pokemons by a single button push. Unfortunately, it is very hard to predict when Pokemon Go Plus will be available in India. We should not count on it without the official Pokemon Go launch in India.


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