Some time ago, one of the most popular since the release of the game Pokemon GO event ended. Increased amount of Pokémon starters made big sensation in game world. Now players are waiting for the next news, especially on a new update that will introduce long-awaited changes. First place on the players wish list engaged PvP combat and Pokémon trades.

Land in the fact that these wishes are irrelevant and can be fulfilled. One of the working in a team Niantic developer responsible for the Pokemon GO game betrayed what new functionalities will appear after the latest update. It’s about the most desirable like PvP combat and trade. The fight against other trainers is one of the most important elements in Pokemon universe and probably not only one player spends hours awake at night. Without it, Pokemon GO is not entirely true Pokemon. It’s like device from Chinese market instead of authorized spot. Apparently the taste is similar, but not necessarily so, as it should be.

Fight against other players, i.e. PvP

At this moment we can only fight in Gyms. Maybe it is cool, but quickness is boring us. Especially since you do not need much to take the Gym. You do not need much ever to lose it too. In addition, fight is often criticized for its automation. No wonder such a statement. It is like play some FPS with bots. No battles between players may be surprising. You may ask why. Answer it simple. This is the basis for Poke-world to functioning. Without this, Pokemon are not the same. It was only after undergoing a specific amount of fighting, could challenge the leaders. By the lack of this feature, we lose the others. A system itself is important. Without it, our Pokemons are worthless, because they cannot gain experience. Developers apparently afraid that the game can move up to reality and defeated players can bring to the fight with the winning colleague on the real ground and real fist. Perhaps this is why this function must be carefully thought out.

Trade Pokémon or their replacement

It would be really incredibly cool functionality. My character has a tendency to catch certain species of Pokemon. I’m easy doing it. Another player might have a different vocation and catch more of another type. The exchange could allow us to fill or train our collection. Mostly we replace them candy through the transfer system. It is, however, weak solution, because the sweets can be mentioned only CP points and its evolutions. It would be better to replace another unwanted already Pokemon to another, which we don’t have yet in the collection – and this is natural. This way we don’t have to descend the entire city in a single Pokémon, which we lack. Exchange would be very important for the regional Pokémons. With this we will be able to give our Farfetch’d for Tauros, Mr. Mime, or Kangaskhan. But for now, it is not known how the system would work exactly.