Less than a year ago, the whole world went crazy about catching up Nintendo monsters. After 6th July last year, we could meet on the street a lot of young people with powerbanks in their pockets. They were the Pokémon GO trainers who wanted to catch Pikachu and the rest of the crowd using their smartphones. Now the madness is over, but Niantic does not forget about players. The company has prepared two events: one in the virtual world and the second the reality.

Studio celebrates two opportunities in this way. The first is the achievement of 750 million of Pokémon GO downloads, while the other is an obvious anniversary. In most countries it gets warmer, so Niantic wants to pull players to the fresh air. True, they will be staring at smartphone screens, but it is always an outside activity. Therefore, Niantic is going to organize smaller and bigger events in the coming months.

The first Pokémon GO event will take place on 13th June.

We still have to wait almost a month for Pokémon GO birthday, but Niantic is already starting promotional action. In addition, the statistics clearly show that events are the best way to increase the number of players, and thus revenue from micropayments. What will happen from June 13th? Pokémon GO players should see more fire (e.g. Charmander) and ice (even the famous Lapras) monsters widely. In addition, Niantic promises a lot of bonuses in the form of additional experience for throwing Poké Balls. In addition, in the store you will find overpriced Lucky Eggs, which are great for level up. It looks like it will be a great opportunity to start an adventure with Pokémon GO. Beginners should be able to catch up with their more experienced friends. The best way is to catch all the Pidgey masses and evolve them with active Lucky Egg.

We are also waiting for a co-op update.

Will we get finaly PvP or Gym raids? This is not excluded. Niantic has officially stated that Pokémon GO players should look for an update that will focus on new functionality that requires players to work together. This will unfortunately be due to the temporary deactivation of the Gyms. Perhaps there will be super coaches in them, which we will be able to overcome only in the group.

But that’s not all. Niantic announced its first event to be held in the real world. This is the Pokémon GO Fest Chicago, which will take place June 22nd in Grant Park. All details including tickets will be available at PokemonGoLive.com/Fest. Trainers living in Europe, however, can look forward to seeing events from June to September in the Unibail-Rodamco shopping centres. Meanwhile, in Yokohama, Japan, Pikachu Outbreak event will be organized.

Source: Niantic