A lot people have reported that they had been banned by Niantic for using 3rd party tools like FakeGPS or Pokemon radar. This is clear that people who were cheating by changing their position still will be permanently banned. However, Niantic hope that people who, were using 3rd party Pokemon radars, were not aware of what they were really doing.

The Pokemon Go is not still available worldwide and people in some countries (including India) are waiting for the official release. However, you can very quickly install Pokemon Go on your Android smartphone manually. Please remember to download the apk only from trusted sites, because some of them are infected. Of course, this is not a cheat and you will not be banned for playing Pokemon Go in India before its official release.


Pokemon Go cheaters were using bots, add-on map apps and other 3rd party apps.

The main problem is that these 3rd party application can perform some actions (e.g. data collecting), which the Pokemon Go player is not aware of. To be honest, only developer of this 3rd party app knows what it does. It is disturbing that some applications use also your Google account credentials. The behavior of some 3rd party Pokemon Go application is similar also to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. This is also the reason why Niantic had a lot of issues with servers performance. The true is that servers had to serve not only players, but also a lot of traffic generated by 3rd party applications. Here you have a graph which shows as decreased load of Niantic servers after blocking PokeVision service.


If Niantic gave you a second chance, then do not waste it.

According to the Terms of Service of Pokemon Go, all 3rd party applications (including Pokemon tracers) are prohibited. You should not use them, because these time ban from Niantic may be permanent.