Square Enix has something to celebrate. Their latest production has reached the top of the most popular games. Finally at the DICE Awards NieR: Automata received the prize for the best role-play game of 2017. Thanks to the great success that the game gave, the interest in the brand has dramatically increased. Despite the lapse of a year since this release, the game still sells well.

On its Twitter game profile, the Square Enix team announced that NieR: Automata’s sales exceeded 2.5 million copies a year after the premiere. Of course, the company includes all digital versions of the game on PS4 and PC, as well as boxes sent to stores.

On the anniversary of NieR Automata, the creators reveal a few secrets

Yoko Taro, Platinum and Square Enix have reasons to be happy. Therefore, on the official PlayStation blog appeared developers who gave us some secrets of the game. Most of them are hardly a secret, except for one fight with a miniboss that consciously refers to Godzilla from 2014. It is worth recalling the fact that during the awarding of awards to Nier: Automata at DICE party did not appear any representative from Square Enix to accept this award. To make up for this omission, Yoko Taro decided to release a clip on the YouTube channel, thanking everyone for required award. You can see full video at the bottom.