Nintendo has never competed directly with products from Sony and Microsoft. Wii U hardware is much weaker than the PlayStation 3. Another problem of Nintendo consoles is the small amount of available games, but the players can choose from exceptional exclusive titles, that are not available on other consoles. The same situation will be with Nintendo Switch. The purchase of this console will not pay off, but people will buy it.

Nintendo Switch is going to be 2 in 1 console, so it will be really portable console with the ability to connect to a TV. I must admit that this is a very interesting approach to the subject. We will see on 3rd March how it performs in practice. That day Nintendo Switch will hit stores around the world, but it will not be available in India. It will cost $300 (about Rs. 20 350) in the United States, £280 (about Rs. 23 150) in the United Kingdom and 30 000 yen (about Rs. 17 850) in Japan. Therefore, you will have to buy this console in the US or import it. This amount of money is quite a lot, if we compare the technical possibilities of the new Nintendo console with Sony PlayStation 4 Slim and Microsoft XBOX One S. However, Nintendo Switch has some interesting and unique functionalities for which it may be worth to pay.

New Joy-Con controller allow you to play 2-player mode on portable Nintendo Switch.

This will be key to the success of Nintendo’s new console. Nintendo Switch supports 3 modes of operation:

  • stationary, the console is connected to a TV,
  • portable with a shared screen, each player uses the “half” of the controller,
  • portable, one player has at disposal the whole Joy-Con controller.

As for me, the possibility of the game for two players on one device in portable mode, is something incredible. As if that was not enough, Nintendo Switch supports local multiplayer for up to 8 devices. So such a small LAN party on portable consoles. Playing time on battery will range from 2.5 to 6 hours depending on the game. For example, we will be able to play in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild an average of three hours on a single charge. The console will be able to recharge at any time via USB Type C interface. I hope that Nintendo has considered also the application of fast charging technique.

Returning to the controllers, a single set of Joy-Con is enough for two players. Each of them will have at disposal analogue stick and set all the buttons needed to play. It is true that I can not imagine playing in a classic fight on such a small controller. However, this solution will be perfect for move games, which will be able to use the vibration system, infrared sensor, NFC module and all other sensors installed in the Joy-Con controller. The potential of this solution shows the trailer of the game Arms, which will be released this spring.

Source: Nintendo


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