The Gran Turismo series will soon celebrate its 20th birthday. That’s why Nissan decided opportunity to convert its Nissan GT-R car to control it by DualShock 4 pad. The experiment was conducted with the GT Academy winner, who beat Silverstone track in 1: 17.47. The maximum speed was 210 km/h.

GT Planet editors could also check how it is to control real car using console pad. It was definitely an interesting experience because not every day there is a chance to drive a real car using DualShock 4. JLB company specializes in the installation of robots in various types of vehicles. A total of 4 machines controlled the steering wheel, the throttle, the brakes and the gearbox. For this they have installed 6 computers that monitor all interfaces 100 times per second. The communication is made using the DualShock 4 pad connected to the transmitter. The vehicle can move away from the controller a little over 4 km. The editors had the pleasure of steering the converted Nissan Qashqai crossover.

Modified Nissan GT-R reacted the same as in Gran Turismo game.

JLB faithfully reproduced the control system implemented in Gran Turismo. It was even possible to drive backward. Every engineer knows that there are no ideal things and everything can go wrong. That’s why Nissan has a number of security features. The editors mention here the braking force control and the fuel cut off systems. Fortunately, they did not have to use them. The whole action is also part of the promotion of Gran Turismo Sport, which will be premiered in less than a week. The impatient can already play the beta version, which I would more like to call a demo. It looks like the creators have released a finished product, but with limited content. Players have access to a racing school and can unlock few vehicles. Obtained achievements can be transferred to the final version of the game, which of course is the exclusive title for the Sony PlayStation 4.

NIssan GT-R PlayStation

Source: GT Planet