After many months of fighting, the team sitting on the PlayStation 4 decided to release beta testing for cross-play multiplayer in Fortnite. Making the cross-play option available for this title is surely the beginning of major changes at Sony’s headquarters. In the end, it will allow future rivalry between players from around the world also in other titles.

What was the problem? Well, in the simplest terms, Sony has not been worth it before to introduce such a solution for their consoles. Being a market leader allowed you to force players to choose the console that other friends already had to join the game. This simple procedure for a long time was Sony’s biggest revenue. However, to keep the title of the creator of the most popular game console of the current generation and stick to their slogan # 4theplayers, the Playstation team – under little pressure – finally decided to change something.

Competition is doing its job

As if not to look, the world goes on all the time. The recent Nintendo agreements regarding the cross-play between Windows hardware and Nintendo Switch have caused considerable confusion. The same is the fact that Microsoft has long been trying to make the function of a joint game between PC and Xbox platforms work smoothly. I’m not even talking about mobile games in which I still remember that there were no major problems with the integration between Android and iOS.

The very issue of cross-play on Playstation consoles has been publicized by the recent activities of its creators. Administrators not only wanted to not allow the multiplayer game in cross-play mode. In addition, they blocked users’ accounts used on the PlayStation 4 console, which meant that they could not be used on console consoles.

The first cross-play title on PlayStation 4 is Fortnite

The first steps have already been made. From today, Sony console owners will join the joint game between players from Mac, Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. Sony also mentions cross-buy support, which means moving game progress and buying items between platforms. Until then, however, we will see what the cross-play in Fortnite and future AAA titles will look like.