The preview of the new retro console was met with quite a warm welcome from the players. Many people have pre-ordered the PlayStation Classic console without knowing the full list of games. In the meantime, there are more details about the console prepared by Sony. PlayStation Classic will not receive any new games after the premiere. In addition, the list of titles will be adapted for each region.

Nostalgia sells very well. Refreshed NES and SNES Mini consoles sold in a total of 9 million copies. That’s why Sony decided to celebrate the 24th birthday of the first PlayStation in a very interesting way. The preview of the PlayStation Classic console, which appeared a few days ago, was quite extensive. However, people are still thinking about the differences between Sony and Nintendo retro consoles. That is why IGN journalists decided to exchange several e-mails with Sony representatives. In one message appeared information, which directly ruled out the possibility of adding new games:

There are no plans to bring new content to PlayStation Classic post-launch.

PlayStation Classic will not offer any online functionality

Representatives of Sony have also confirmed that the PlayStation Classic will not connect to PlayStation Networks accounts and services. However, the games have not been adapted to the achievement system. Therefore, players can count on a faithful reflection of the games that originally appeared on the “gray”. The only improvement that you can count on is an interestingly functioning RESET button. Pressing it will not cause an immediate reset of the console. Instead, the game status will be saved and it will be suspended. Thanks to that players will be able to resume the game exactly in the place where they finished it.

Sony also revealed the way 20 titles were selected. PlayStation Classic will include games that have enjoyed the highest popularity among the owners of the first Sony console. At the same time each of the regions (i.e. Japan, United States and Europe) will receive a console with a different list of games. For sure there will be fans who will be able to bring PlayStation Classic from other countries to play missing games.

Source: IGN