From some time we have already heard rumours that Nianic wants to celebrate Easter in Pokemon GO, but without any confirmation. Now we are sure that the developers have prepared for this period special event with add-ons closely related to the most popular symbol of these holidays, i.e. the egg. Many episodes have already appeared in Easter games. Players like gadgets, so it’s a pretty normal operation. I will honestly say that I would be very surprised if in the game, where we hatch eggs, nothing special appeared during Easter.

Niantic has already published an information, that during the event the activity of the Easter symbol will increase. It turns out that in the Easter Eggs, players will get an increased chance of encountering the stronger Pokemon. There would be nothing unusual about it, except for the fact that we will be able to get Lapras from the 2 km egg. The event itself will last until 20th April. Therefore, thanks to the increased chance of hatching better Pokemon, players will be able to complete their collection very quickly. We will also get more candies for every hatched Nintendo monster.

Time for the Eggstravaganza in Pokemon GO!

The entire event will pay off in one hundred percent for the players who will want to spend a little time in the game. Of course, in addition to the previously discussed egg bonuses, players will also receive a couple of other surprises. In this case I have in mind the doubled EXP that we will receive during this event. By combining the bonus of the event together with another egg item that will also increase your experience points. You can be completely insane with the amount of EXP you will get! Finally, the x4 bonuses do not happen so often. To make Eggstravaganza even better, Lucky Egg will be overpriced at 50% of the regular Pokemon GO price during the event.

Easter event? Time for a great hunting!

As a matter of fact, this type of event is a great opportunity to gain a few levels and ability to catch up. In the end, the event lasts until 20th April, so Pokemon GO trainers will have plenty of time to go even if they spend the whole holidays with family. What’s more, the change Niantic brought to the emerging Pok√©mon in eggs will help us in getting these rare items. So how are you? Have you charged your power bank and downloaded the latest update? It is time to pack sandwiches into a backpack and set out on a great quest.

Source: Niantic

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