Pokémon GO game celebrated their first birthday on holiday. For this occasion, the creators introduced the first legendary creatures and a new combat mechanism in Gyms with raids. As it could be expected, these events have increased the activity of players. Pokémon GO trainers were again seen on the streets of cities and parks. This time, Niantic counts on the similar effect, which they want to achieve with the forthcoming Equinox event.

During the first year of Pokémon GO’s presence on the market we had several events that occurred about every 3 months. It all started with last year’s Halloween event, when players could collect more candies which are needed to evolve Pokémons. The developers soon noticed that systematic events not only attracted more players, but also increased interest in micropayments in the game. Of course, this translates into higher revenue for the creators.

The upcoming Pokémon GO Equinox event will take place from September 23rd to October 3rd.

Both the start and end of the event will take place at 1:30 AM IST (India Standard Time). During this period, the amount of acquired Stardust, which is necessary to strengthen the captured Pokemon, will be doubled. In the PokeStops and Gyms you will find special 2 km eggs, with Chansey, Mareep and Larvitar. In the Pokémon GO store there will be special promotional kits that will include Lucky Eggs, Lures and the new Super Incubators hatching eggs 1.5 times faster. Probably most people will want to use the event to hatch as many Larvitars as possible that can evolve into Pupitar and then into the mighty Tyranitar. As a reminder, this is the second most powerful Pokemon in the game, and only the legendary Mewtwo is stronger.

In addition, during the Equinox event you will get 3 times more experience points than normal for every new Pokemon registered in Pokédex. In addition, Niantic recalls that the new legendary creatures, Raikou, Entei and Suicune, will appear in the game on September 30th.

Source: Niantic