It may look that I will stop to inform you about every minor update of Pokemon Go. I want to keep you up to date, because this game has not yet been released in India officially. Therefore, you have to download and install every new version manually. However, I have good news for you, because I have found the confirmation that Pokemon Go will be released in India officially and it will be available via Google Play store for Android smartphones and AppStore for Apple devices.

Let’s start from the information about the latest update. As always you can download new Pokemon Go installation file via ApkMirror site. The latest version is market as 0.39.1 and it has the same changelog as the 0.39.0 version:

  • Capture location: The location where a Pokémon was caught will now be displayed on their information screen.
  • Pokémon GO Plus and Incense: Trainers can attempt to capture Pokémon they encounter from using Incense with the Pokémon GO Plus accessory.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some users to get stuck on the loading screen, even after restarting the app.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera sometimes moved at slow speeds during battle.
  • Minor bug fixes

Therefore, I suspect that Niantic did not fixed everything in 0.39.0 version, so they have introduced some minor corrections in 0.39.1. Remember, that starting from 0.37.0 update Pokemon Go does not work on rooted devices. Of course, this limitation can be bypassed 😉 As always, I recommend you to download the latest version of this amazing AR game from Niantic, because it will allow you to experience the best possible quality of Pokemon Go.

Niantic will release Pokemon Go game in India.

Some time ago, Johny Hanke (Niantic Labs CEO) has posted on the official Nintic’s blog very interesting post. This is mainly about very happy stories of Pokemon Go trainers whose lives have been changed by this game. This is very positive aspect of AR games. I hope that in the near feature we will see more games which will force players to go outside their comfort zones. However, for us the most important in this post is short mention about India:

Pokémon GO has been installed hundreds of millions of times since
our launch in early July and is played in more than 100 countries
around the world. We are working hard to bring the game to more
(India, we hear you!).

It is obvious that Niantic studio had to release this game with Nintendo monsters at an early stage of production and they could not do this world wide. They also had a lot of issues caused by traffic generated from 3rd party tools like PokeVision. The servers will also have to hold out huge load generated by countless Indian players.