Finally, you will not have to update your Pokemon GO game manually or use foreign store in your smartphone. This the most popular mobile game ever will be released in India tomorrow in cooperation with Reliance Jio. This is very good moment, because Niantic Labs has just introduced firsts Pokemons from the 2nd generation.

If you are impatient and can not wait until tomorrow, then you will can download the newest Pokemon GO version from ApkMirror site. The latest update has introduced substitute of so-called second generation. In order to unlock new Nintendo monsters in your Pokedex, you have to catch the Santa Pikachu first. This is exclusive Pokemon which will be available until 29th December. Very interesting is the fact that if you evolve the Santa Pikachu then the Raichu will also wear a Santa hat.

The first baby Pokemons from 2nd generation are Pichu i Togepi.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to catch these Pokemons in the traditional way. If you want to have Pichu or Togepi then you will have to hatch an egg. Both baby Nintendo monsters come from 5 km eggs. You can also evolve them into adults forms. It means that Pichu evolves into Pikachu and Togepi evolves into Togetic. Of course, you can catch a Pikachu as a wild Pokemon, but Togetic comes only from eggs. I hope that Niantic will change this in the future, because it looks that they count on our money from micropayments. They hope that people will buy a lot of incubators in order to hatch as many as possible Togepi and get Togetic.

Reliance Digital Stores will be transformed into PokeStops and Gyms.

This is very interesting marketing strategy. Niantic will cooperate with Reliance during the release of Pokemon GO in India. To be honest, this is very interesting event from IT point of view. Theoretically, you can play Pokemon GO using free Wi-Fi hotspot, but this is very uncomfortable. The real fun is when you use the mobile data plan and you can go wherever you want to. As we all know, Reliance currently offers their services for free, so most of Pokemon GO trainers in India will use Jio’s network. I bet that players will generate huge amount of data. In my opinion, Niantic’s servers will be able to handle this massive traffic, but I do not know whether the Reliance Jio network will cope.

Santa Pikachu

Source: Niantic Labs, The Indian Express


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