Pokemon Go game generally is loosing its popularity, however people in India are still waiting for the official release. I bet that Niantic studio afraid of unimaginably high traffic which will not be handled by their servers. However, it looks that Pokemons are moving to different mobile applications. Unfortunately, this update introduced by Google will not release the PokeVision service.

Niantic simply will not allow anyone to use their API and develop 3rd party application. Even Google is not allowed to do this. However, everyone can add Pokemon aspect to other application. To be honest, I see Pokemons everywhere even if my Pokemon Go game is turned off. This is obvious that everyone wants to earn thanks to the phenomenon of the  Pokemon Go game. Therefore, Google has decided to help you to track every your Pokemon journey.


Google has added Catching Pokemon as activity in Google Maps Timeline.

To be hones, I was little scared when I have discovered the Timeline feature. I was aware that my smartphone knows where I am and where I want to go. This is obvious, that basing on GPS data it is possible to determine where is my home (because I spend every night in that place) and where I work. The smartphone (Google Maps application to be more precisely) can also learn when I usually start my work. This is not all. My smartphone also knows which route I get to work. This may be terrifying, but also useful. Thanks to Google Maps you can monitor how often you play Pokemon Go, where you catch Nintendo little monsters and how much you walk.


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