Quake is the most famous series of FPP/FPS games. Every fan of the genre knows probably the first three titles of this game. Therefore, players around the world cannot wait for the latest id Software production, Quake Champions. Best of all is that the new game is to draw abundantly from the predecessors. I hope Quake Champions will be just as good game, as we seen this in trailers.

Last, players have become accustomed to some other games of FPP genre. Battlefield and Call of Duty titles rely more on the strategic gameplay than the total disaster. Of course, professional Quake players also worked on their strategies, but they were to play solo and with its dynamic gameplay, they based mainly on their skills and reflexes. Anyway, there is nothing that enjoy us, that well-made rocket jump or accurate and good time made shot from railgun.

Registration for the closed beta of Quake Champions already started.

If you want to see for yourself what is the new Quake, it’s enough to give your e-mail on the official quake.bethesda.net website. You will find there also all information about the new game, including descriptions of champions. So far we met Nyx, which has the ability to teleport, and more penetration between dimensions. Thanks to Nyx, we can for a short time avoid any attack and can easily switch between the opponents. Interestingly, if Nyx go back to the dimension of the game, in the place where different player stands, he will be blown to pieces.

What is premiere date of Quake Champions?

This is a very good question. Optimists predict that it will be given to us to face other players in the Land of Sleep (so called inter-dimensional space in which the struggling champions) later this year. However, this depends on the results of the planned closed beta. Already we can see, that the characters in the game, or champions, will have special skills. This is a novelty in the world of Quake, which can introduce a lot of confusion. Creators will have to properly balance all the characters to the arenas to pretend players from not running only with one type of character.

Source: Bethesda Software