Fans of FPP games have a reason to celebrate. Quake Champions has been available for several days in early access. However, the Bethesda’s arenas will be available only for players who decide to spend about $30 on the Champions Pack, which is already available on the Steam platform and the launcher.

Of course the Quake Champions will also be available for free along with the micropayment system, but that will happen later. However, those of you who decide to reach for your pocket should not be afraid. Beta testing of the new id Software game has started several months ago, so you should expect a refined product. It is quite likely that the developers have not yet finished work on the micropayment system. Studio is also concerned about too much interest in the new product, what could have a negative impact on performance of Quake servers. Gameplay problems in the first days after the premiere would certainly discourage many potential players, i.e. customers.

The Champions Pack for Quake Champions includes all 11 available champions.

Of course, players will also receive characters that will appear in the game later. Studio promises that at least 6 champions will be added by the end of 2018. Those who choose the free version of Quake Champions will have to unlock individual characters using the game currency acquired. Of course, micropayments will also be possible. At the beginning, the Champions Pack is overpriced by 25% (retail price is $40). This is quite a fair offer. New Quake is a dynamic game, so a lot of people hope that the new position will be accepted in the world of e-sport.

Source: Bethesda Software