We all know how it is with trailers. Manufacturers are now assembling video to showcase their production. This applies to both movies and video games. That is why players are always looking forward to the recordings of the game as purely as possible. The closed beta of Quake Champions has already started, so soon we will find more gameplay videos on the web.

So far, id Software has fed us with short trailers that showcase new arenas and champions. In the background of course it was fit for the whole music climate, and individual scenes were appropriately assembled. This time, we can enjoy almost 2 minutes of recording, which shows the Quake Champions in the purest form. Personally I am satisfied, I liked what I saw on this gameplay. That is what I have expected from the Quake Champions.

Quake Champions is a contemporary version of Quake III Arena.

In my opinion, this is the greatest compliment that studio id Software can hear. Anyway, some time ago we heard that the new Quake will be maintained in a classic atmosphere, which should delight old elite who mastered the art of rocket jump to perfection. Quake Champions is extremely dynamic, and the players must adapt their strategy to what is happening on the map. You need to use every available weapon and remember where and when you get the desired kit or power-up. Knowing the topography of map itself is not enough, you also need to know where and when you have to appear in order to pick up a bonus.

The biggest nightmare of the Quake Champions may be modern players.

For me the Quake series is a trilogy and ended on the famous Quake III Arena. I also played Quake 4 in 2005, but I did not like this part. There is nothing to hide, computer games have changed over the last decade. This particularly applies to the FPP genre. Games similar to Quake and Unreal Tournament had been supplanted by Call of Duty and Battlefield series. I wonder if this change will not be the main problem for id Software. Contemporary players are accustomed to a completely different games than their older colleagues. The completely different mechanics and dynamics of the Quake Champions can be scary for new players. They will simply be milled by old stingers.

As you may recall, Quake Champions is supposed to be a free-to-play game. It means that we will have a lot of newbies on arenas. They will not even know when they become a victim of a more experienced colleague. That is why id Software has to work on a player selection mechanism that will ensure that players with similar skills will compete on the same arena.

Source: Bethesda