I love old-school games. I also like modern games, but the game rules of modern games are completely different than in the past. Fortunately, console fighting games (e.g. Soul Calibur and Tekken series) have not changed so much. However, all multiplayer PC shooters are completely different from the best 90’s FPP series, i.e. Quake.

Modern on-line shooters are similar to Counter-Strike, where the most important is skill, but RPG element may spoil the game. In modern Call of Duty and Battlefield, you solider gains experience, new weapons, upgrades and other facilities. Unfortunately, even high skill player at 1st level is not able to compete with high level lame.

Quake Champions will be the modern FPP game for old-school players.

A lot of people are afraid that Quake Champions will have these modern RPG elements from Call of Duty and Battlefield with additional micro payments system. However, Tim Willits (creative director of id Software) has already assured us that it will be very dynamic game. In my opinion, the first gameplay trailer confirms this. Quake Champions will have the spirit of Quake 3: Arena. It will very fast, dynamic and requiring high skill FPP game with rocket jumps! However, Quake Champions will have several character classes with special skill. Of course, these abilities will be balanced, so it should not spoil the gameplay.

As we know, one picture can replace a thousand words. You have to watch this 76 seconds long gameplay trailer of Quake Champions. At the beginning of the next year, the closed beta of Quake Champions will start. After this, the release date will be determined.