Mobile games are a source of huge revenues. That is why smartphone manufacturers are considering cooperation with development studios. Some time ago, Samsung was to start working with Niantic, the creator of Pokemon Go. According to recent reports, Koreans are going to pay $40 million for an exclusive Harry Potter title.

Samsung has already successfully cooperated with Epic Games. The Android version of Fortnite was initially available only to owners of Galaxy series smartphones. A similar situation may occur in the case of a new Harry Potter mobile game. At the same time, these are rumors, and we do not know any details yet. Niantic is currently working on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which uses augmented reality. The title is based on a list of places from the real world that Pokemon Go and Ingress players visit. At the same time, it is not known if Samsung wants to have a time-limited exclusivity for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, or maybe Niantic will prepare a separate title or extension to the currently prepared game.

Harry Potter S Pen

S Pen stylus for Galaxy Note 10 as a wand in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite?

The cooperation of Samsung with Niantic Labs is to develop a game that would “transform” the S Pen into the wand used by sorcerers from the Harry Potter universe. I would not be surprised if Koreans prepared a special edition of S Pen’s characterized by wands known from book descriptions and their screening.

Initially, Niantic and Samsung wanted to announce their cooperation this year. However, both companies prefer to wait until the work on the technical aspects of this cooperation will be more advanced. It is quite possible that we will get to know more details around the middle of next year. Both companies have different approaches to announcing prepared novelties. Niantic from time to time greets us with short announcements and videos. In turn, Samsung is waiting with everything for the official conference, which takes place a month before the premiere of the new device. It is quite possible that the dedicated add-on will be prepared for the premiere of Galaxy Note 10. Will Niantic release the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game sooner? We do not know that.

Source: The Inquirer