Pokemon fans are waiting for long time on many features for their favourite mobile game, i.e. Pokemon GO. One of them is the final release of the second generation. They are, after all players who filled up their Pokedexes and for this moment they are very bored. It turns out that recently Niantic has a lot of work. First, Niantic’s CEO confirmed the rumours concerning mechanisms for trade and exchange Pokémon and PvP fights. Now, Niantic has officially announced the major update which will add to the game new creatures from the second generation.

Fans of Pokemon game series love the second generation. They spent hundreds of hours playing Pokemon Gold on Game Boy Advance, and then the remake created for the Nintendo DS. For many Pokemon trainers it is the best series after the Hoenn region. So no wonder that fans of Pokemon GO are extremely happy because the Niantic will soon introduce the second generation.

The next update will introduce more than 80 Pokémons from the Johto region.

Further, in the game there will be new species, which will have their distinguished sex. This is without doubt an introduction to the breeding system Niantic wants probably use a slight increase in interest in the game due to the last Valentine’s Day event. You can already begin preparations for the coming update. Studio officially confirmed that Pokemons currently present in the game will receive new evolutions.

Fans of Pokemon GO counting on new evolutions of Eevee.

This is perhaps one of the most popular creatures in the game, because thanks to it you can easily create a strong Vaporeon. I hope that this time Niantic also has prepared an Easter Egg and we will be able to control the evolution of Eevee to new forms. Fortunately, the upcoming update will not rely solely on adding new Pokemons to the game. In addition, Niantic mentions the new behaviours of wild creatures, which we will catch. Unfortunately, this topic has not been expanded and the developers have left us with many questions.

We will get also new berries. In addition to the already available Razz Berry, at our disposal will be added: Nanab Berry and Pinap Berry. First berry will slow down the Pokemon which we want to catch, so it will be easier to acquire. The second provides double amount of candies for caught Pokemon. Niantic will also provide new options for personalizing our avatar. I do not know about you, but I already can not wait for next update.

Source: Niantic


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