Let’s back to the most popular mobile game of this year, i.e. Pokemon GO from Niantic Labs studio. The release of this game in India is delayed and I do not have any idea when it will be available officially. However, you can always download the latest Pokemon GO installation file from ApkMirror site. This service is safe and you will not infect your smartphone. Owners of Apple iPhone mobiles have harder live, because they have to change the region in the AppStore. However, it is possible and you can catch Pokemons on your iPhone in India.

The worst is the fact that Niantic Labs do not care about PokeStops and Gyms in India and they do not launch special local events for us. The situation is quite different in the United States, because trainers from US will be able to catch a lot of Nintendo monsters in Starbucks coffee shops. However, I have also good news for you.

Niantic has recently confirmed that new Pokemons (i.e. the 2nd generation) will appear in Pokemon GO game.

I must admit that this is probably the most awaited update since the release of the game. It may, however, prove that it does not happen as quickly as we dreamed and we will have to wait for new Pokemons longer. I know that you do not see any sense in catching Pokemons, because you probably have caught all which all available in your neighbourhood. It is hard to find something fascinating in this game at the moment. Therefore, I am not surprised that Niantic is preparing something big for us. Fortunately, you may already prepare yourself to this big upcoming update.

Pokemon 2nd gen

Pokemon GO game is based on the so-called 1st generation.

It means that we have in the game 151 Pokemons which Ash Ketchum wanted to catch. Currently, the most desirable little monsters are these which are the most recognized, i.e. Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. According to reports, most of Pokemon GO trainers were able to catch the whole 151 monsters in about two to three months. I remember the news from September to October when you could find in the network a substantial amount of screenshots of Pokedexes.

The second generation will bring 100 of new Nintendo monsters.

Therefore, we will have 251 Pokemons to catch. It is also quite probably that this big update will also introduce the so-called baby Pokemons in Pokemon GO. Most likely you will not able to catch them in the wild. They will have to be raised in “home”. For an example Pikachu has its baby version in the 2nd generation named Pichu. Here you have the full list of these children Pokemons:

  • Pichu – an earlier form of Pikachu,
  • Cleef – an earlier form Clefairy,
  • Igglybuff – an earlier form of Jigglypuff,
  • Tyrogue – an earlier form of Hitmonlee, Hitmonchana and Hitmontopa (new Pokemon)
  • Smoochum – an earlier form of Jynx,
  • Elekid – an earlier form of Electabuzz,
  • Magby – earlier form of Magmar,
  • Togepi (new Pokemon) – an earlier form Togetica (new Pokemon).

However, they are very weak and only in adulthood they will be suitable for fighting and training. I have to admit that this aspect will be very attractive and a lot of trainers will back to the game. It seems that we will see new version of Pokémon GO soon, although the release date is not yet known.


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