You are probably waiting for the global lunch of the most famous mobile game ever, i.e. Pokemon Go. This game is even more popular than Angry Birds series and even people, who are not interested in mobile and IT trends, know that everyone catches Pokemons. Pokemon Go game is not officially available in India, but people play it anyway.

How is it possible? The game does not have regional limitations, however it is available through official stores (Apple Store for iOS and Google Play for Android) in couple countries. You have to only install the game from APK file downloaded from mirror site. However, please be careful, because some files are infected.

Let’s assume, that you have installed Pokemon Go on your phone and you want to catch them all. What should you do? What is the best method to train your Pokemons? How can you fight with other players?

Pokemon Go drains battery a lot.

This game determines your position using GPS signal, it also exchanges data with Niantic’s servers. The game has Power Saving feature, but it only displays black screen when the prone is turned upside down. You can simply put the smartphone into your pocket and you will get all notification by the vibration. You should also enable Power Saving features implemented in your phone and decrease the brightness. It is also good practice to disable data synchronization when you are catching Pokemons.

Buy a power-bank and long charging cable.

Pokemon Go game consumes a lot of energy and even power-saving tricks do not help. The only solution is to have a power-bank with very high capacity. For an example you can buy Xiaomi 10 000 mAh for about Rs. 1 300. Remember that you will have to walk with a smartphone (in your hand or a pocket) connected to the power-bank.

Buy comfortable shoes and bike mount phone holder.

Maybe it is hard to image, but if you want to be the best Pokemon trainer in your city then you will have to travel a lot. However, the game knows when you are driving, so you will have to walk or biking a lot. This is not only about catching different Pokemons in different places. You have to also visit Poke Stops, overtake Gyms and hatch eggs.

Make friends.

What is it so important? Currently, Pokemon Go does not allow you to trade or exchange Pokemons/items. However, if you meet people from the same team (Yellow, Blue or Red), then you will together overtake Gyms and earn Poke coins. You can also fight with “enemy” Pokemon Gym Leader at the same time, so it is much easier than alone fight. It is also much saver to walk around in group. Unfortunately, some thieves lure their victims by Lures in Pokemon Go. Irony, is not it?

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