PlayStation 4 sales results look good, Sony have sold 5.7 million units during this holiday season. In total, Sony has sold almost 35.9 million PS4 units from its premiere. Unfortunately they have unplanned 11 hours outage of the whole PlayStation Network.

It is not the first time when people could not use their accounts and enjoy the online game. A year ago Sony fell victim of hackers (it was the most famous DDoS attack), so they know how to react in order to not lose customers, i.e. subscribers. Sony takes care about their users and they always offer compensation in the form of extended subscription.

I have to admit that this kind of breaks can be annoying, however it looks that Sony does its best and they are very fair. To be honest, no company can afford to lose the trust of 65 million active users. We all know, that consoles are sold below production costs (or with very small profit), because in the past, manufactures were earning on the sale of games. Today, they earn a lot of money on subscriptions and digital distribution.