We all like to get something for free. That is why game developers like to test their productions during open beta tests. There will be tens of thousands of players who would like to test the new title or upcoming update for free. In this way, the company will save money for the testers, and the players will be happy, because they get something for free. That’s exactly what Capcom is up to do with Street Fighter V.

Personally, I think that fighting games should be dedicated for consoles and of course the arcade machines. Nothing will replace a good gamepad while performing an advanced 10 hits combo. However, it does not discourage some manufacturers to prepare their fighting titles also in the PC version. In the end, everyone can buy a gamepad and connect it into the computer. However, in case of Street Fighter V, it was not the biggest problem. Players complained that Capcom had released an incomplete product that did not have a single player mode. It has been added as an update, but the online mode also was hugging. That’s why Capcom is working on a huge update.

Street Fighter V will be available for free on Steam platform

The promotion (i.e. tests of the upcoming update) will last from 28 March to 3 April. During this time all players will be able to grab a Capcom title and play all the characters. Interestingly, also fighters from paid DCLs will be playable for free. However, Capcom does not provide Street Fighter V for free for advertising purposes only. The main aim of the whole action is to test the rebuilt Capcom Fighters Network infrastructure. Most of the changes involve shortening the time of player selection and punishing fighters who leave the fight without completing it. Common social changes such as interactive timeline, improved friends system, or clashes between players from the same country will be added. In contrast, the ranking will be filtered by both the country and the league of players. All this should strengthen the community of street fighters and encourage them to play more often in Street Fighter V.

Source: Polygon