Super Mario Run is undoubtedly hit of last days. This game is currently only available for devices with a bitten apple, but the exclusive for iOS devices did not prevent in achieving extraordinary results. Super Mario Run was installed on the first day by 5 million users, and gross revenue was $5 000 000. Therefore, 1 in 10 players decided to buy the full version of the game. Such results could not even boast Niantic Labs at the premiere of Pokemon GO.

The game with Nintendo monsters at the very beginning was available on both platforms (Android and iOS), but it was officially available only in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Pokemon GO trainers did not have to use micro-payments during the first day, but they seemed eager to real currency. With 1.8 million downloads, Pokemon GO trainers spent a total of $4.2 million on first day. The production from Niantic Labs is much more advanced IT project than Super Mario Run. A new game with a plumber has very simple mechanics and the most advanced feature is perhaps the anti-piracy protection.

Super Mario Run consumes from 40 MB to 60 MB of data per hour of game.

I am still able to get over that platform (basically arcade) game requires a constant Internet connection while playing. We can not do anything with this. However, even in the slightest I can not accept that anti-piracy protection in Super Mario Run consumes so high amount of data. Let’s assume a little extreme scenario. Assuming that someone really likes this game and plays 3 hours per day. After one month of entertainment, 5.4 GB of data would be consumed! If you want to jog a plumber, you would better do it within Wi-Fi network. I hope that Nintendo will fix the problem in the next update. It is also possible that the problem is partly related to the large number of players and insufficient performance of Nintendo servers. If the game sends a request to the server, and it does not respond, then our mobile has to re-send the query. This results in increased levels of consumption of mobile data. So far, Nintendo did not comment on these reports, therefore, we are in the realm of conjecture.

Source: PocketnowSensor Tower