This is not a surprise and Niantic has just released as expected new Pokemon Go update for Android and iOS devices. This time they strived and prepared very interesting changes. Of course, as always Niantic has fixed several minor issues. I have to admit that the changes are target to Pokemon trainers who do not play often.

Do you have problem with catching some Nintendo monsters? You should be happy because of new a catch bonus for every caught Pokemon of particular type. Would you like to catch a wild Blastoise? Then, you should catch every watery type which you will see. After this, you will gain a lot of bonuses and catching of Blastoise will be easier. Developers from Niantic Labs have also improved the egg and incubator screens. Starting from 0.41.2 update, you do not have to close and reopen the screen in order to update the walked distance.


As always, you can download new Pokemon Go version from ApkMirror site.

Please remember to not download apk installation files from untrusted sites, because they can be infected. The next big improvement is also designed for Pokemon Go trainers with low level. It will be easier to improve the reputation of friendly gyms. New change allows us to bring six Pokemons to the battle and additional the CP (Combat Points) of defending Pokemons will be adjusted (i.e. lowered) to our level.

Pokemon Go update

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