Breeding – this is a functionality, which many players waiting terribly. At this moment outside Nidoran’s, no Pokémon have a specified gender. Combining Pokemons interested in a lot of players, because this functionality so far were available the series of games. Any of renovation Pokemon certainly introduce awaited changes. Pokemon will have their distinguished sex. It is not known at this moment when it happens. If you have not guessed, what you need is a pairing Pokemon, then welcome the opportunity, that I will write to you. The idea is to create such a connection with the eggs, which can then be incubated.

From eggs, we can hatch Pokemons in first or pre-form evolutions. Pairing will be available only for adults Pokemon, the so-called third evolution. So far, in the other games of the series Pokemon, breeding was very complicated. It was a multi-task, requires a lot of preparations and a certain amount of luck. Gaining additional items significantly increased the chance for a better IV of the statistics, as well as the preparation of a parent to his best IV over the child. In most cases, a partner, and so Ditto.

Of course, such a complicated system could not hit the Pokemon GO. Therefore, a lot of time in Niantic takes to rebuilding this functionality. Certainly, after the phases of testing, we can expect a system similar to hatching eggs. We also expect that, depending on the type of partners, we will have to go out the right amount of kilometres to the eggs hatched expected by our Pokemons.

What events await us in the future?

Niantic certainly do not intend to waste time and probably with the advent of the next holidays will organize the next great events and updates. In February, we have a special day – Valentine’s Day. In this day very likely Niantic can give players the breeding system. Niantic already announced that this mechanism will be added with release of second generation. I do not think we count on a great update that completely change the Pokemon GO. Older players excited about the increase of frequent appearance Ditto on the map. And I think, that release of Ditto is associated with future breeding system.

baby Pokemons breeding

How may breeding system look in Pokemon Go?

A typical breeding in series Pokemon was a pairing that parents could transfer attacks, nature, statistics and IV to child. However, the biggest advantage of pairing Pokemons, was chosen to group of partners. The easiest way to explain it’s on nature. As it happens in nature, the animal kingdom is divided into types. Most of these are related, such as lions and tigers, but unfortunately we don’t see any relationship between water and land animal. With his lesson of nature, we can easily get back to the series topic. In the game, Pokemons were divided into 13 breeding groups, and one separate group, which is only Ditto.

Creating a pair of Pokemon GO, we will be able to get more candy. The same happens when hatching a Pokémon egg found in PokeStop. Important difference that we will obtain the lowest form of Pokemon, which is taken from the mother’s side. From the father we should get better statistics. An interesting option would be to receive bonuses in the form of better statistics and more candy from breeding. Niantic already implemented a similar mechanism for increasing our chance of catching a specific type of Pokemon. This would be particularly useful, if you have only one Pokemon gained in the entire collection, and it’s no longer appear in our area. Then this mechanism would help in getting more candy to make evolution and fill Pokedex. A perfect example here will certainly Dratini, which belongs to a group of dragons (also Magikarp) and really rare in most places.