I understand why PC players can not play together with console players in multiplayer FPP shooters. Simply, it would not be fair. The same applies to the fighting games, but in this case the advantage would have console players. However, the cross-play multiplayer mode would be perfect for inter-platform console titles. It looks that not only players are interested in this kind of solution. Game developers are working on it!

Rocket League developers have prepared cross-play feature and they are waiting for the response from Sony.

This is very popular game which has 19 million players on different platforms. Therefore, I am not surprised that cross-play feature has been prepared for this title. Unfortunately, this functionality can not be implemented, because it is not supported by Sony PlayStation 4 console. Microsoft has already declared that they support this idea. This was obvious step from them site, because Sony is the leader on this market. Therefore, Microsoft supports every idea that will please the gaming community.

What will Sony do?

Sony has a hard nut to crack. Generally, they bring together the largest number of Rocket League players. Also, Sony should create the best image of their platform and convince all that PlayStation Network has the largest and the most active community. Personally, I very like PlayStation consoles and I have sentiment to gray-haired PSX. However, it will not look good if Sony does not approve to the proposal of Rocket League developers. However, if they agree, then another company will want to have cross-platform multiplayer mode. This can harm the popularity PlayStation platform and financial results of Sony company.