The first Zombies trailer for the game Call of Duty WWII appeared. However, this time developers decided to raise the bar. This mode is supposed to be more dark, scary and cause constant anxiety in the player.

As every fan of the Call of Duty series knows, Zombie Mode has been around for a long time. However, what we will see in the new release, according to the creators is to restore the old memories, but also to make some new changes. The new trailer that leaked to the net, says quite a bit about a new version of the mode, although the developers themselves sit quietly yet. So for new details about the mode, we will have to wait a while longer.

What is the difference between Zombie Mode in Call of Duty: WWII from previous series titles

The last mode of Zombies we know comes from the latest released Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. That gameplay was in fact treated in an entertaining way that just entertained the player for as long as possible. However, Sledgehammer Games studio plan to deal with the current announced series title. Extremely serious approach to this game mode is awe-inspiring. Finally, the mode itself was also called “Army of the Dead”. What does it present to us? This betrays a harbinger, which shows just how terrifying this mode of vision for developers is. As you can see, the players, just as I would love a little variation where the scraps of the map will be filled with horror and a truly dense atmosphere causing some afraid on player face. In this journey we will get help from played by Scottish actor David Tennant. On the other hand, the whole gameplay has a sinister narrative, scenes of human experiments, as well as a catchy and transcending soundtrack.

What fate awaits the latest part of Call of Duty?

Call of Duty: WWII is scheduled for release on November 3, 2017. However, as you know, the statistics of the game will depend on the quality of the campaign that the creators will prepare. However, one must admit, the forecasts look promising. Sledgehammer Games showed this especially at the campaign fragment that appeared on E3. So from the developers, presenting so well multiplayer and addictive Zombies mode, this year we can probably get the best Call of Duty for many, many years. New details about the Army of the Dead will come to mind at Comic-Con coming in San Diego, which will last from 20 to 23 July.

Source: Reddit