As you already know, Google cooperates with Asus and they prepared the second version of OnHub router. Now they prepared also something cool: Chromebit, i.e. HDMI stick which is very small computer for $85 🙂

How big are yours computers? After launching on the market of Intel Compute Stick which is the size of big pendrive or mobile modem, a lot of companies have decided to produce similar devices. Therefore Asus in cooperation with Google has prepared Chromebit which can transform your TV or monitor into PC. The stick is priced at $85 (approximately Rs 5 300) and weights 75 g. Inside very small housing you will find quad-core  Rockchip RK3288, 2 GB of RAM, Mali 760 GPU, 16 GB of slow flash memory, WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 modules. Besides HDMI port for screen connection also USB 2.0 port is included for keyboard and mouse. The whole device is controlled by Chrome OS which is cloud-based, lightweight operating system.

What do you thing about this solution? It should be great for very basic actions (e.g. video streaming, web browsing, e-mails, preparing text documents, spreadsheets and presentations).

Unfortunately at the begining this device will be available only in US. After several months you will able to buy it in Finland, Japan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Spain, Taiwan, Sweden, Norway and the UK. Unfortunately information about India market is not known, we do not know when it will be available in our country and how much it will cost.