We should see firsts graphics cards with GDDR5X RAM modules in this year. The first plans about this new memory module solution were available in the previous year, but it was hard to predict when first GeForce and Radeon cards will be available.

GDDR5X standard was approved by the JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) in the January of this year. A month later, Micron company has informed that they will realize all plans for delivery of GDDR5X chips engineering samples. It occurs that these were not boast and Micron company has just delivered first GDDR5X chips to their customers, i.e. GPU manufacturers. This is very important information, because it proves that GDDR5X chips are almost ready for mass production process. This new memory solution is very important for GPU market, because it can provide much better performance than currently available solutions.

New type of memory for graphics cards is mostly based on the previous solution, i.e. GDDR5. Thanks to this, application of GDDR5X chips will be quite easy and it will not require big investments. What is new? The data rate is almost doubled, because GDDR5X modules should be able to achieve from 10 Gbps to even 14 Gbps in comparison with 8 Gbps for GDDR5. The GDDR5X chips provided by Micron company have 8 Gb (1 GB) and 16 Gb (2 GB) densities, so it will possible to built graphics cards with 8 GB and 16 GB total memory. Also, these new memory chips consume 30% less power than GDDR5 modules.