Have you ever dropped your phone from your hand or pocket? From my own experience I know that this is a very unpleasant experience, and you can not protect yourself 100%. Unfortunately, sooner or later, your smartphone will fall on the floor. However, there are companies which try to protect us before smartphone damage. One of them is Corning Incorporated which has already developed new generation of Gorilla Glass.

According to the statistics, 85% of smartphone owners have accidentally dropped their devices at least one time in the last year. This unpleasant accident has happened at least 3 time to 55% people during the same time period. However, 60% of falls happen from a height of between waist and shoulders, i.e. from a position in which the most of us use a smartphone standing or walking.

New Gorilla Glass 5 will protect a smartphone before a fall from 1.6 meters.

The tests performed by Corning company prove that mobile devices with Gorilla Glass 5 survive up to 80% of face-down drops onto rough surfaces. Generally, new Gorilla Glass is two times more durable than its predecessor. However, the scratch resistance is comparable. I wonder when first smartphones with Gorilla Glass 5 will be available on the market. For the time being, you can watch the promotional material from Corning Incorporated.