This is very interesting statement. Gregory Bryant, vice president and general manager of Intel’s desktop clients platform, said during a J.P. Morgan forum, that integrated graphics card become to be more and more powerful.

Therefore, in his opinion, most of gamers do not need dedicated graphics cards. Why? Statistics show that Intel Iris and Intel Iris Pro modules provide better performance that 80% of dedicated graphics cards installed in stationary computers. I have to admit, the modern integrated GPUs are 30 times faster than 5 years old solutions.

6th generation of Intel’s integrated GPUs are able to support up to 3 screens with 4K resolution at the same time. In my opinion, this is very impressive achievement, because old integrated GPUs from Intel was very slow. Currently, they can compete with AMD in this field. Personally, I prefer solutions from Intel, but I know that they are more expensive and AMD provides generally better performance for the same price. However, Intel’s CPUs generate less heat and this is more important for me. Gregory Bryant knows that Intel has o lot of work in the area of integrated GPUs, although they are masters in multi-core solutions.

Of course, if you want to play the newest game in the highest resolution and details, then you will have to buy the dedicated GPU. We do not deceive ourselves, it is not possible to design and manufacture GPU integrated with CPU as same powerful as dedicated graphics card. However, I know that only few people buy the most powerful graphics units, numbers do not lie.