We realize that WiFi is already extremely popular, and even can treat them as standard. In most homes, where the Internet is present also the WiFi is. However, there are a residential building where usage of WiFi is hard in practice. Is the solution could have been the PLC? Why sometimes is it better to use this solution instant of WiFi? We decided to write about this a few words.

You know that we have a big issue with CI+ module. Therefore we started to study the Internet and we found very interesting case. It occurs that some people have issues with synchronization of decoders with multiroom service. It looks that these device may operate incorrectly when WiFi network is used. Unfortunately not all are able to install the classical Ethernet network inside their homes. So what is the alternative? In this kind of cases, the PLC (power-line communication) network may be the best choice.

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This is nothing new, however we were skeptical of this solution. Why? Because the achievable throughout depends on the quality of electrical installation and interferences generated by our devices (and sometimes devices of our neighbors). However, the pracital tests show that in good condition you should achieve 80 Mbps throughput and lack of degradation of the latency 🙂