The research team from the American university Carnegie Mellon recently presented the world’s first smartwatch prototype, which dies the projector that turns the user’s hand into a touch screen. So far, these types of projects have only appeared in science fiction movies and conceptual materials. This time we are dealing with a real device that actually works.

Smartwatches have one basic disadvantage that limits their use. Of course, it is a small diagonal screen that makes it difficult to accomplish many everyday tasks. Therefore, the researchers are working on a solution that will allow the use of the user’s hand to control the smart watch. Of course, we dream of this type of device displaying a clear colour image on our palm, which is impossible for technological reasons. However, the prototype presented by American scientists looks quite interesting. The LumiWatch Smartwatch has a 15 lumens laser projector that, after proper calibration, also works outside on a sunny day. In the following recording you can see how the device works in practice.

LumiWatch is a smartwatch prototype that will not be used daily for a long time

Smartwatch, which turns the user’s hand into a touch screen, currently works under the control of Android 5.1, has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset (4 1.2 GHz cores), 768 MB RAM and 4 GB of data space. LumiWatch also supports communication with the help of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The researchers believe that the currently developed smartwatch could hit the market at a price of $600. Would he find his buyers?


Another interesting project is SkinTrack, which, after applying a special ring on the finger, allows you to use your hand to control the smartwatch. However, in this case the image is not displayed on the skin in any way. Instead, sensors specially placed on the watch are able to determine the exact position of the finger.

Source: ChrisHarrisonTheVerge