The only competitor of Intel on the home computers market is AMD. However, in the case of servers, the situation is quite different. It is true that companies have a choice between machines prepared by HP, Dell, Fujitsu and others, but in almost every server we have a processor from Intel. However, this situation may soon change, because Microsoft is ready to use machines equipped with ARM processors from Qualcomm.

Today, most of the services that we use works in the so-called cloud, or on a distributed server clusters. For us, it does not matter where physically located are our data or Internet websites, which we view. In contrast, a multimedia service provider can efficiently manage their infrastructure. When provider needs more computing power, then it is possible to simply expand the another cluster servers. Also, cloud solutions can save money not only for the purchase of equipment, but also reduce maintenance costs, namely bills and rent premises.

Qualcomm Centriq motherboard

Microsoft will use the servers with Qualcomm Centriq 2400 processor

They even have developed special version of the Windows Server operating system for this platform. The current version is available only for internal use for employees of Microsoft. However, the Redmond giant and Qualcomm announced that they are ready for commercial deployment of Windows Server on 64-bit ARM architecture. A special version of Windows 10, that will run even on home computers equipped with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon chips, requires emulation of applications written for the x86 architecture. For servers such treatment is not an option. Microsoft wants to take advantage of ARM processors, so they had to work for several years in order to optimize their operating system.

Qualcomm Centriq server

Intel may feel threatened

IT professionals predict that in a few years we will not need massive computing power in our homes. If we look at this issue from a broader perspective, then we come to the conclusion that cloud solutions can also mean savings for the households. Why buy expensive computer if a game or demanding graphics application will be able to run on a remote server? We will have to take care only about the appropriate terminal and Internet access.

Currently, 98% of cloud servers use Intel processors, but the situation may change. ARM processors are not only cheaper, but they consume much less energy and produce less heat. It is true that they are less efficient, but in some applications, low maintenance costs are more important than the performance. You probably guessed that servers do not run at full speed all the time. Much of machinery often resides in the so-called idle mode, that happens when computer does not perform any tasks and waits for instructions. Then of course, it consumes power and generates unnecessary costs.

Source: The Register