Surface is a rare case of Microsoft’s product which has gained recognition among users. Not surprisingly, people were satisfied when they have found from unofficial information that allegedly Microsoft is planning to release on the market new devices from Surface series. However, this will be hybrid devices, which a lot of people would like to buy. It turns out that the giant from Redmond is planning the launch something like All-in-One computer.

Microsoft sent out invitations to the premiere of brand new devices Surface, intended to supplement their portfolio. Surface is not a young line and a little time has passed since the last release. But this is not determine the popularity of the model. It turns out that people are really waiting to the next Surface computer.

Microsoft is going to show the dedicated keyboard and mouse at the upcoming conference.

There is no official information, what All-in-One equipment will accompany them. As much I tried to find some unofficial information, the network is silent. However, we can be in the stage of conjecture. There was a lot of rumours and speculations about the Surface smartphone or a combination of tablet, smartphone and personal computer. In fact, the details will be announced on 26th October. Personally, I am not a big fan of Microsoft products, but I will tell you frankly that I look forward to this conference with bated breath. The truth is that if Microsoft shows something good, it will hang on the eye, and if not, again, will be issued after the missile down the drain money and equipment.¬†Anyway, Microsoft’s conference can provide us with much joy and so should probably just to treat it. In the end, the giant of the IT market can really expect much.


Microsoft also plans to present new Xbox.

This is great news for fans of console games. They plan to also shed a few words about Project Scorpio. This really works on the imagination of players for some time, even for those who do not like the Xbox specifically. There will probably also mention the famous Windows 10, which has as many supporters and opponents. Waiting for us in the end soon Redstone 2, which is supposed to be a great iteration especially for mobile devices, although it seems to me that this version of Windows has already been condemned to eternal damnation. As for me, the future of Windows Mobile is already a foregone conclusion and it rather well do not bode. In the world of the fight between the followers of iOS and Android fans, we do not have place for the hard-baked product, to which even the developers do not want to write applications (e.g. Niantic Studio and their Pokemon GO).